Dear Friend,

In 2019, the Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC), with your support, achieved many victories and much progress in our fight for a more just and inclusive democracy. We are reaching out to you seeking your support for the ongoing work of TJC, a registered 501(c)(3), as we end 2019 and prepare for the critical work of 2020. In 2020, TJC will continue its already-existing great programs, and will launch new significant initiatives.

In reviewing our 2019 accomplishments and in looking forward to 2020, TJC:

  • Facilitated the work of the National Commission for Voter Justice (NCVJ) by holding panels, educational seminars, and various events. The NCVJ, in partnership with the Urban League of Philadelphia, operated a special Pennsylvania Voter Empowerment Series that included lectures and forums at Cheyney University, Drexel Law School, Lincoln University, and the Community College of Philadelphia. Over 400 people attended these events. In October 2019, TJC provided vital testimony before the House Administration Committee on its two years of work and its preliminary findings which supported the provisions of H.R. 4, Voting Rights Advancement Act, which passed in the House on December 6th, 2019. In the coming year, TJC will issue a first-year report of the NCVJ’s report on the state of voter suppression from its hearings and listening sessions held last year.
  • Expanded its existing network of 200 trained voting rights champions by professionally training 34 talented Gen Z and Millennial Leaders to engage and protect threatened and vulnerable voters in Alabama during its 2019 Alabama Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Training. TJC, in partnership with the Alabama NAACP, held a three-day Alabama-state-focused Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Training to be certified voting rights advocates in the state. Parts of the training were also shared with a wider audience via Facebook Live. In 2020, TJC will conduct 5 more Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Trainings in key states, to include Mississippi, Wisconsin, Ohio, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.
  • ,li>Operated the Voting Rights Alliance, a coalition of voting rights organizations and activists. The Alliance has been instrumental in organizing and helping to promote public awareness of voter suppression and rights achievements and activism through the use of social media; events; the Congressional Voting Rights Caucus; and, the Voting Rights Alliance’s website, The Alliance commemorated September as National Voting Rights Month, and continued to promote public education by hosting a number of resources on its website, including the 61 Forms of Voter Suppression; supporting documents for NCVJ events; press releases on voter purges; and, a host of other pertinent information. In 2020, TJC will expand membership of the Voting Rights Alliance; continue to update its website; and, produce a brand new #VRABlackHistory series in February.

  • Magnified the leadership of TJC President Barbara Arnwine by strategizing with voting rights, civil rights, grassroots organizations, the law school academy, and religious denominations; continuing to host weekly radio shows on vital civil rights and social justice issues; appearing on radio, TV, and other media; and, being quoted in numerous newspaper articles. She testified before Congress on behalf of the NCVJ and published an updated 61 Forms of Voter Suppression, which can be found at She also spoke as a keynote and panelist at events across the nation and internationally. In 2020, Barbara in her leadership at TJC will issue a new Map of Shame of voter suppression; educate policymakers and voters about recommendations for electoral reform in the federal, state, and local levels; build new field programs in the states; and, support Voting Rights Act restoration.
  • Convened the Civil Rights Coalition on Policing Reform, which is composed of many civil rights organizations and individual activists. This Coalition, by way of events and social media, continued to highlight the issue of Police Misconduct and Killings of People of Color, and fight for meaningful police reform despite the regressive policies of former AG Sessions’ Department of Justice. In 2019, in honor of the 5th Anniversary of the slaying Mike Brown, TJC created a new Twitter account for the Coalition. In 2020, TJC will support programs which combat mass incarceration and money bail; advocate programs that combat sexual harassment and assaults by police; support programs to decrease use of force by police; educate communities about strategies for participating in police contracting and civilian oversight via Facebook and Twitter; and, convene programs of the Civil Rights Coalition on Policing Reform.’
  • Highlighted special policies needed to advance the status of African American women and girls by way of events and the African American Women and the Law Conference’s social media platforms; and, through support and participation during Her Dream Deferred, #SayHerName and other events during Women’s History Month. In 2020, TJC will host an African American Women and the Law event during the African American Policy Forum’s 30th Anniversary of Intersectionality conference and advocate for policies that improve the lives of African American women and girls. Throughout 2020, TJC will also: fight discrimination against Black hair; advocate for the FDA to classify hair products that are carcinogenic as such; and, seek pay equity.
  • Created a new “Sound The Alarm” Social Media Segment airing weekly during the “Igniting Change with Barbara Arnwine” broadcasts. This one of a kind segment seeks to educate listeners by sounding the alarm on the often overlooked and misunderstood policy changes, best practices, and overall news of social media platforms.
  • Held our 2019 Champion of Transformative Justice Award Reception and Fireside Chat honoring Congresswoman Maxine Waters. This event was hosted by A. Scott Bolden, Managing Partner, Washington, D.C. office of ReedSmith LLP. Congresswomen Ayanna Pressley and Sheila Jackson Lee delivered powerful remarks and made moving tributes to the late Congressman Elijah Cummings during this event. The Fireside Chat was hosted by Washington Post Columnist Jonathan Capehart. This event was attended by a large group of law school students from the University of District of Columbia David A. Clarke School of Law and Howard University School of Law. In 2020, TJC is looking forward to holding Fireside Chats in New York City and the Annual Awards Reception in D.C.
  • Operated the “Voting Rights Under Fire” workshop series during the 54th Anniversary of Bloody Sunday marches and event in Selma, Alabama.
  • Planned and participated in the 2019 National Voting Rights Planning and Strategy Conference held in Washington, D.C. TJC will help plan the 2020 National Voting Rights Conference to be held in June 2020 in Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Your kind tax-deductible contribution will ensure that these vital programmatic activities of TJC are achieved in 2020 beyond.