2022 was a banner year for the immense impact of the groundbreaking work of the Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC). Our continued fight for racial and gender justice, voting rights, Pro-Democracy, criminal justice reform, youth leadership development, race and sports, as well as international human rights took significant steps forward. TJC now needs your financial investment to continue to make progress. This is a brief summary of our victories:

U.S. v. Gregory McMichael, et. al

Etched into the nation’s memory is TJC’s assistance to the Arbery Family. TJC opened 2022 in Brunswick, Georgia standing hand in hand with Marcus Arbery, the father of Ahmaud Arbery as Judge Walmsley issued his sentences against Travis and Greg McMichael and William Roddie Bryant for the murder of Ahmaud Arbery. It was a historic day.

TJC returned to Brunswick for the Federal Hate Crimes trial. During this week’s long trial, TJC’s legal team, Attorney Daryl Jones, Attorney Barbara Arnwine and Attorney Lynn Whitfield were present to work with the Arbery family in the courtroom.

We stood with the Arbery Family in objecting and rejecting a weak plea deal which, ultimately, led to a historic moment as a federal jury convicted all three defendants of a federal hate crime…the verdict being rendered on the second anniversary of Ahmaud Arbery’s slaying. The Life sentencing for the McMichaels and the lengthy sentence for William Roddy Bryan in this historic case penetrated the public’s consciousness and elevated the national standard for demanding justice for those slain through racial hate.

Voting Rights Under Attack

TJC achieved new heights in our signature work regarding Voting Rights and Democracy! TJC expanded its on the ground “grass roots” presence by creating new coalitions in Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Arizona, while strengthening TJC’s voting coalitions in several other states. TJC also continued to push for the passage of Federal Voting Rights legislation, continuing to pressure Congress and the White House to recognize that this fight was about preserving the heart of our Democracy.

TJC attended and spoke at the Selma Jubilee, which commemorates the crossing of the Edmund Pettus Bridge to demand voting rights. TJC held 3 workshops; met with Vice President Kamala Harris; spoke at the nationally televised program; and co-sponsored as well as participated in a 54 mile march from Selma to Montgomery.

“Out of the Box” Programming

TJC continues to lead in “Out of the Box” programming concepts to engage, educate and activate GenZ, Young Millennials and Voters of Color. To this end, TJC merged its Sports and Race programming with its Voting Rights Work. During the NCAA Final Four Championship

Weekend in New Orleans, TJC co-sponsored the Inaugural Social Justice & Civil Rights Panel. This Social Justice & Civil Rights panel was held during the weekend of the inaugural HBCU All Star Game in New Orleans, Louisiana. Student Athletes from our country’s HBCUs were given a rare opportunity to interact, discuss and commit using their influence in the social rights arena as well as on the hardwood floor.

2022 Mid-Term Election

Preparing for the Midterm Elections, TJC took the bold and dramatic step of leading the “Arc of Voter Justice” Bus Tour from Minneapolis, Minnesota to Jacksonville, Florida. The Arc of Voter Justice Tour traversed through 14 states and 23 cities, including three HBCU campuses. During our Tour stops TJC held rallies, votercades, press conferences, parties at the polls, voter registration and voter information…all of which generated awareness about the upcoming Midterm Election. TJC partnered with many national organizations and many local grass root organizations to make this tour a success.

Perhaps the most impactful Midterm Election work was during the Georgia Senate Runoff Election. In Georgia, the Midterm Election had been marred by the impact of the voter suppression laws which destroyed voting by mail or absentee ballot, suppressing the vote of Black seniors. TJC retooled its “Arc of Voter Justice” buses and headed to Georgia!

TJC worked closely with the Georgia Coalition for the People’s Agenda and Black Voters Matter. In all, TJC covered 12 key counties with massive voter outreach in less than 2 weeks.

TJC conducted voter canvassing, votercades, voter encouragement at long lines, sign waving, parties at the polls, voter education, a national phone bank in conjunction with the Georgia Coalition which reached over 300,000 voters, and most importantly rides to the polls for senior citizens.

Our 21 TJC Fellows made a huge difference by conducting direct voter outreach. We held almost nightly national conference calls to update the public and recruit needed volunteers. On Election Day, we operated a TJC Georgia Command Center which resolved major systemic obstacles in several counties.

The Transformative Justice Coalition has, without question, been on the frontline fighting for the integrity of our Democracy. Now, TJC needs your financial help to continue the fight.

As we look to 2023, TJC has bold and innovative plans to continue to make a crucial difference for our nation and our Democracy. TJC’s focus on GenZ, Young Millennials, Voters of Color and the Restoration of Voting Rights for citizens formerly convicted of felonies will be a focus of TJC for 2023. We need your financial assistance to help us fight for the marginalized and disregarded voters in our Democracy. Your support will be instrumental in helping TJC to undertake the high level public policy work and on-the-ground voter education, organizing and protection work required.

We ask that you contribute to our fight for the soul of America’s vote!