2023 was a banner year for the groundbreaking work of the Transformative Justice Coalition and we have plans for 2024!

  • BY Training more than one hundred 18-35 year old young leaders annually to be Voting Rights Champions and Freedom Riders to inspire communities of color to exercise political power.
  • Operating GOTV (Get Out the Vote) and Voter Education Activations in voter suppression states.
  • Working with more than 170 national, state, and local voting rights groups to promote voter registration, GOTV, and voter protection, often deploying the John Lewis Good Trouble Bus.
  • Assisting in organizing and litigating against vicious voter suppression policies and activities which harm voters of color.
  • Promoting positive federal, state, and local voting rights policies.
  • Operating Command Centers to assist with Election Protection to protect voting rights during elections
  • Defending the Freedom to Learn Black History & and LGBTQIA Rights by fighting book banning by distributing thousands of great banned books to children and adults nationwide.
  • Promoting Women’s Reproductive rights
  • Sponsoring a weekly Igniting Change Radio Show to educate about national and local issues involving voting rights, criminal justice, women’s rights, health, economic and environmental justice