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Talk Radio – February 28: Walking In The Steps of the Ancestors

February 28 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

February 28, 2023, “Walking In The Steps of the Ancestors: Transformative Justice Coalition’s Voting Rights Series during Selma Jubilee Bridge Crossing and Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Houston Training Event Application Deadline Looms”

Join President and Founder Barbara R. Arnwine, Esq. along with Co-Host and Chair Board, Daryl D. Jones, Esq., Every Tuesday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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The Igniting Change Radio Show on Tuesday, February 28th, 2023, from 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM Eastern Time, entitled “Walking In The Steps of the Ancestors: Transformative Justice Coalition’s Voting Rights Series during Selma Jubilee Bridge Crossing and Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Houston Training Event Application Deadline Looms”, will feature Radio Show Co-Hosts and Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC) Co-Leaders Attorneys Barbara Arnwine, Esq. and Daryl Jones, Esq. and featured guests Faya Rose Toure, Esq., Milaj Robinson; and, Edward Ward as they review the Ahmaud Arbery national TeleTown Hall held on February 23rd; and, preview the upcoming Selma Jubilee Voting Rights Series and Houston Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Training.

These are the issues we will cover during this show.

Be sure to invite your friends to listen live at WOL 1450 AM in the Greater DC Metro Region, and nationwide and globally on the Internet at WOLDCNEWS.com and BarbaraArnwine.com.  Listeners can call in with questions at 800-450-7876.

Please note, during the show there are 3 hard stop commercial breaks at 12:13 PM Eastern Time12:28 PM ET and 12:43 PM ET.   We will stop all guests from speaking right before each break.


Faya Rose Toure, Esq.: 12:00 PM – 12:57 PM Eastern Time
Chair of the Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee and Harvard-educated Civil Rights activist and litigation attorney who has worked on some of the highest-profile civil rights cases to come before the courts. In addition to her legal career, Touré has written over 40 plays and 200 songs exploring themes of community engagement and social awareness. Her writing has appeared in The New York Times, and her activism efforts, including a “die-in” protest on the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Ala., have been profiled by CNN and the Alabama media.

Milaj Robinson: 12:15 PM – 12:57 PM Eastern Time
Founder of the nonprofit “Youth Creating New Beginnings”;Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC) Fellow, Gen Z Voters Matters Training Class of October 2022; Morehouse College Political Science major graduating in 2025; TJC Voters Outreach Georgia Run off Team; Poll worker in 2022 Midterm and Primary Election; Voters Registration Canvassing for Blackmenvote 

Edward Ward: 12:15 PM – 12:57 PM Eastern Time
Restorative Justice Policy Advocate and a Transformative Justice Coalition Fello


Barbara and Daryl will lead a discussion about the Transformative Justice Coalition’s upcoming and past events, including:

  • The Selma workshop series on March 3rd and 4th and Selma-to-Montgomery March Re-enactment on March 5th
  • The In-person Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Leadership Training, March 29th – April, 2nd, in Houston, Texas- DEADLINE TO APPLY IS EXTENDED TO MARCH 6TH

Faya, you have been leading this Bridge Crossing Jubilee for decades. What do you see as being the most important aspects of the Jubilee?

  • What are some of the expected highlights of this year’s Jubilee?
  • TJC is proud to be a partner and sponsor of the Jubilee. What does it mean for people to be able to attend the Voting Rights Series?
  • So much of the Jubilee is focused on young people and the Foot Soldiers, those who were there originally. Why is this so?
  • How do people sign up for the Selma Voting Rights Series?
  • The application deadline for the Houston All-Stars Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Leadership Training Event has been extended to March 6th. As someone is an alum of this program, why do you think people should apply?
  • How has the Training affected your work since attending?
  • How have your 42 class members been keeping in touch?
  • What was your favorite part of the Training last time?
  • What do you think it’s going to mean that this Training is being held in Houston and during the HBCU All-Stars Week?
  • How can people apply? (VotingRightsAlliance.org , VotingRightsAlliance.org/houstonvotesmatter)
  • You will be one of the returning Alumni to participate in the Training. What are your hopes that you’ll be able to share with the new class?
  • What is the major work that you’re pursuing right now?
  • What do you think is the most important grassroots organizing that you think needs to happen in order to ensure strong voter protection and engagement in November 2023 and 2024?
  • What are your final thoughts to our listeners?
  • Thank you for all of your hard work. How do our listeners get in contact with you?


The Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC) will sponsor an afternoon of powerful back to back voting rights educational and organizing events. The events will include a luncheon session, 2 workshops and a Happy Hour. Each workshop will consist of an opening speaker, followed by a panel discussion regarding the dedicated topics described below. It is proposed that all events composing the Voting Rights Series will be held on Saturday, March 4th from 12:00 p.m. until 5:30 p.m at Wallace College Selma, 3000 Earl Goodwin Parkway. You must register for the Luncheon or you will not be able to attend. You can register for these free events at:  The Series includes:

Workshop #1, Program Title: “The GenZ Difference: Igniting the Flame of Voter Activism”, Time : 12:00 – 1:30 p.m. [This is a luncheon program].

The Generation Z (GenZ) & Young Millennial (YM) bloc of voters is the most diverse and progressive minded bloc of voters in American history. Moreover, as of 2024, the GenZ & YM community will represent the largest voting bloc in America. The GenZ & YM demographic is generally underrepresented in organizational efforts and focus to increase voter turnout.

This workshop will explore manners to develop, encourage and engage GenZ & YM participation in the 2024 election and beyond. This program will lift up and focus on the critical importance of developing GenZ & YM as leaders in today’s civil and social rights movement. This workshop will also discuss strategies to reach, include and involve GenZ and YM voters in political action and activism.

Workshop #2, Program Title: “Restoration of Voting Rights: The Fight for Full Citizenship of Disenfranchised Voters”, Time : 1:30 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.

It is estimated that 18 million Americans are eligible to vote, however, are unaware of their voting eligibility. The process of restoration of voting rights for citizens formerly convicted of felony crimes varies from state to state. In Vermont and Maine, for instance, individuals never lose their right to vote, even if incarcerated. In Mississippi, however, an individual convicted of one of 23 specified crimes, including theft, is forever barred from voting unless the Mississippi General Assembly passes legislation permitting the specific individual to have their voting rights restored. This wide gap in the restoration of voting rights will be discussed at this workshop. This workshop will discuss the history of Voter Disenfranchisement and will explore current state and community organizational strategies and programs to educate, elevate and encourage Disenfranchised voters to learn about their voter status.

Workshop # 3, Title : Battling Voter Suppression, “All Voting is Local: States picking up the Baton of Dismantling Voter Suppression”, Time : 3:00 p.m.-4:30 p.m.

This workshop will focus on the battle to fight voter suppression across the United States. This workshop will focus on nationalizing the efforts of individual states working to pass legislation that dismantles voter suppression and protects citizens’ ease of access to voting.

The United States Congress has failed in its attempts to pass meaningful federal legislation to mandate consistent voter access to protect citizens’ right to vote. Some states, such as Ohio, have passed legislation restricting drop boxes to one dropbox per county. State Legislatures restricting access to dropboxes for voters are designed to frustrate working class voters, Seniors and Young voters from accessing voting.

Some states, such as Minnesota, are working to enact legislation to codify the voter access provisions of the proposed federal Freedom to Vote Act into law to combat voter suppression. Automatic Voter Registration, increased drop boxes, democracy vouchers and progressive voter identification measures are some of these tools used by pro-voter access states to increase participation in our democracy. This workshop will explore how to expand into a national movement these measures and strategies taken by Pro-Voter states to increase voter participation.

Ending: “Meet, Mingle & Discuss” Happy Hour (4:30 p.m.-5:15 p.m.)

The “Meet, Mingle & Discuss” is designed to allow participants to meet one another, discuss the information and ideas presented at the workshops and to consider manners to implement in their communities concepts that were presented during the workshops. This is a free happy hour with light refreshments.

In-Person Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Houston Leadership Training March 29-April 2, 2023

The Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC) is hosting a non-partisan interactive in-person Gen Z and Millennial Votes Matter Leadership Training Event to be held March 29-April 2, 2023. This is a paid training opportunity with a $500 stipend and round-trip all expenses paid, including meals and ground transportation to Houston, Texas, for the entire event. The stipend is for your attendance and completion of a work plan. Unlike prior program, this training will interact with the 2nd Year of the HBCU ALL-Stars Game Week being held during NCAA Basketball Championships. We will attend the HBCU All Stars Civil Rights and Social Justice Panel and tickets and transportation will be provided to the game on Sunday, April 2nd. There will also be assigned homework prior to the event. To receive the stipend, you must attend all sessions every day, be punctual, uphold a code of conduct, and complete all assignments. The deadline to apply has been extended to Monday, March 6th, 2023 and all applicants must be able to provide proof of full vaccinations (both shots) and at least one booster shot. 

This effort will prepare young persons, 18-35 years old, from the states of: Alabama; Arizona; Florida; Georgia; Kentucky; Louisiana; Michigan; Minnesota; Missouri; Mississippi; Ohio; Pennsylvania; North Carolina; South Carolina; Virginia; Texas; and, Wisconsin

Those selected will serve as Voting Rights Ambassadors who will be trained to directly serve vulnerable communities and voters.


February 28
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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