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Talk Radio – January 4, 2022: “The Advent of A New Year with Voting Rights At the Forefront!” – Call In 1-800-450-7876

January 4 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

January 4, 2022: “The Advent of A New Year with Voting Rights At the Forefront!”

Join President and Founder Barbara R. Arnwine, Esq. along with Co-Host and Chair Board, Daryl D. Jones, Esq., Every Tuesday from 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Call in with Questions During the Show


Attorney Daryl Jones and Barbara R. Arnwine will rotate in asking questions during the show. The questions included below are designed to provide a guide but are not the only possible questions, nor may they be asked in the exact same order.
In 2021, our nation’s democracy was imperiled by an attempted coup and a rampage of undemocratic and disenfranchising voter suppression laws passed on partisan basis in the states. Our distinguished and expert guests will provide special insights into the urgent work that will be undertaken in 2022 to counteract the destructive anti-Democracy actions of 2021 and to preserve and advance a robust and inclusive multiracial US Democracy.

This show will feature during its first segment an exclusive interview with The Honorable Congressman John Sarbanes, one of the most prominent Congressional leaders at the forefront of the federal effort to pass voting rights legislation to mandate voting standards for federal elections and insure voting rights protections.  He will help elucidate the next steps to be undertaken by Congress, especially by the Senate where the voting rights legislation is pending.

Joining us for the second segment will be Mr. Robert Johnson who is on his 51st day of “Fasting For Democracy!” His moral leadership has already been inspiring to others. He will describe why he is taking this extraordinary step of self-sacrifice for 100 days to literally starve himself until new voting rights legislation is passed.

Our third and fourth segments will focus on a major program being sponsored on January 5 at 7:00 PM EST Joining us to discuss this program is Ms. Prabha Sankaranarayan of Mediators Without Boarders, Dr. Georgia M. Dunston, Founder, President & CEO, Whole Genome Science Foundation, Inc., and Dr. Stephanie E. Myers of Black Women for Positive Change, who will announce an upcoming National Dialogue: Good Trouble 2022: Ensuring Voting Rights in America” featuring TJC Leaders, Barbara Arnwine and Daryl Jones, to be held on January 5th, 7:00-8:30 PM.


These are the issues we will cover during this show.

Be sure to invite your friends to listen live at WOL 1450 AM in the Greater DC Metro Region, and nationwide and globally on the Internet at WOLDCNEWS.com and BarbaraArnwine.com.  Listeners can call in with questions at 800-450-7876.


The topic of our show is “The Advent of A New Year with Voting Rights At the Forefront!”  As we enter the first week of 2022, our nation is facing a dire voting rights crisis.

After the 2021 onslaught of voter suppression by state legislatures resulting in 33 disenfranchising laws passed in 19 states and a slew of gerrymandering in several key states, many states are poised to pass more voter suppression laws in these first 2 months of 2022.  It is more urgent than ever that the federal government protect voters of color and vulnerable voters against these wrongful measures by state legislatures. The US DOJ is suing Texas and Georgia for violating voting rights but this national wave of voter suppression is too large to be addressed by litigation or organizing alone. Indeed, in the last months of 2021, disturbing articles recounted the purging of Black election officials from boards of election in Georgia.  In Michigan, there is a concentrated assault to restrict voting rights.  In North Carolina and other states there are major controversies over the extreme partisan gerrymandering. These and other negative voter suppression developments underscore the urgent need for the US Senate to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act to mandate federal standards to protect the rights to vote and impose review of voting and electoral legislation, practices and procedures proposed by states and jurisdictions with histories of voter discrimination.  And the DC Statehood Admissions bill passed by the U.S. House has also been pending in the Senate for months.

Sadly, on a purely partisan basis, even simple debate on these bills have been blocked in the Senate through the use of the 60 vote requirement of the filibuster.

In these first weeks of the 2022 congressional session, civil rights, civic engagement and voting rights groups are demanding that the U.S. Senate take immediate action to reform the filibuster and pass these critical voting rights bills.  Many have urged the Democrats to “go it alone” and pass filibuster reform to allow consideration of this legislation.  However, was not sufficient unity in the Democratic senatorial block to achieve this goal.

Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer has announced he will bring up possible filibuster reform measures for a vote by January 17th.

In the interim, public pressure has been growing to a crescendo for passage of these pending voting rights legislation.  The Anniversary of the January 6th Insurrection, and the many revelations coming from the House Committee on January 6th investigation, is driving a public clamor for action.

Indeed, on our show date of January 4th, there is being held a National Day of Fasting, demanding passage of voting rights legislation.  Others have been on hunger strikes for Democracy now for months.  These actions joined by civil disobedience and letters urging action from state officials, business leaders and more has ignited action by the Biden Administration and Senate Majority Leader Schumer. This confrontation of moral imperative and political practicalities promises to come to a head in the early part of this year.

The looming question is How can our national audience make a difference?

In answer to that question, on January 5, 7:00 PM EST, the Transformative Justice Coalition will join forces with several powerful organizations to engage in a National Day of Dialogue during an interactive session entitled, “Good Trouble 2022: Ensuring Voting Rights In America.” Organizations co-sponsoring this event include Mediators Beyond Borders International, Black Women for Positive Change, National Association for Community Mediation and the Trust Network.
Our show is designed to educate our audience on recent developments in this fight for our Democracy and to share opportunities for engagement.


Congressman John Sarbanes is the U.S. Representative for Maryland’s 3rd Congressional District, serving since 2007.

Robert Johnson is the CEO of the Johnson Educational and Professional Consulting Group, ED of My Brother’s Keepers Prince George’s County and Vice Chair for the Prince George’s County Commission for Fathers Men and Boys.

Prabha Sankaranarayan is the President and CEO of Mediators Beyond Borders International.

Dr. Georgia M. Dunston is the Founder, President & CEO, Whole Genome Science Foundation, Inc.

Dr. Stephanie E. Myers is National Co-Chair of Black Women for Positive Change, renowned author and businesswoman.


Congressman Sarbanes 
As the lead sponsor for HR1/S1 the For the People Act which is now embodied in the Freedom to Vote Act, how do see the moment we are in for passage of this legislation this year?

How would this legislation and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act change the existing landscape of insidious voter suppression in the states?
Today, religious leaders, congregants, and activists are undertaking a one day hunger strike, the New York Times editorial Board, State Attorneys Generals, Business leaders  and others have written letters urging action on the filibuster. What do you think must be done to move these voting rights bills forward?

What do you want our listeners to know are the most important actions in which they can engage right now to pass the Freedom to Vote Act, the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act and DC Statehood?

Mr. Robert Johnson
Why have you decided to go on a hunger strike for Democracy?
What has been the hardest part of this 51 day commitment?
How has family and friends reacted?
What do you hope the Senate will do in the coming weeks?
What would you say to those contemplating joining in this hunger strike movement?

Dr. Georgia Dunston, Prabha Sankaranarayan and Dr. Stephanie Myers
Tell our audience about your respective organizations and past involvement in promoting a robust and inclusive multiracial democracy?
How do you see the moment that we are in?
What is the National Day of Dialogue?
Why are you sponsoring the “Good Trouble 2022: Ensuring Voting Rights In America!”?
What can participants expect during the program?
How do people obtain more information and register for the program?


January 4
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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