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Written by Justin Walker


LEXINGTON, KY (WTVQ) – As we near Tuesday’s general Election Day, Kentucky leaders held an event Saturday in Lexington to encourage Kentuckians to get out and vote.

The John Lewis “Make Good Trouble” Voter-cade made several stops throughout the city. The motorcade started at Shiloh Baptist Church early Saturday morning.

The votercade was part of a multi city campaign called Rolling Out The Vote Kentucky. It’s a non-partisan effort hosted by the state’s NAACP and the Transformative Justice Coalition, which is a national organization known for working towards racial justice and equality – by training the younger generation.

“It’s a series of cars driving through neighborhoods with placards on the sides saying “protect our vote” and honking very loudly to make sure people know that there is an election taking place,” says Quincy Robinson, a Louisville native who volunteers with the TJC. He’s also part of the Kentuckians for the Commonwealth organization.

State senator Reggie Thomas, state representative George Brown and state and city leaders joins in the “votercade” encouraging Kentuckians to vote.

“Kentucky has a very important election coming up and we want the people of Kentucky to speak and your vote is your voice” says Senator Thomas.

Representative Brown called the state’s upcoming general election the most important election to date.

“We have to be concerned about the service of the people on that ballot, what their record is. Let’s vote on the record of the people that are running for office,” says Rep. Brown.

For Taylor Martin, Rolling Out the Vote not only is designed to help increase voter turnout, but its also about targeting the younger generation to make sure their votes are heard.

“I’d day its very important for Gen-Z to get out and vote. We’re the most vocal yet the least likely to take action. And so I hope that we’ll stand up for the future of Kentucky and turn out to the polls,” says Martin, who also works with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth.

Rolling Out The Vote Kentucky wrapped up with a party at the polls celebration at Consolidated Baptist Church Saturday Night.