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Ana Rocío Álvarez Bríñez
Louisville Courier Journal


The Transformative Justice Coalition, a nonpartisan national organization that advocates for equal voting rights, stopped in Kentucky with the John Lewis Bus as part of a “votercade” to encourage people in Kentucky to vote in Tuesday’s elections.

The event is passing through several key spots in Kentucky — including Simmons College and Kentucky State University — beginning Thursday and was organized in partnership with the NAACP Louisville Branch.

“With the John Lewis Bus — I think that that creates awareness as we go through the communities today and that’s what it’s all about,” NAACP Louisville Chapter President Raoul Cunningham said. “Awareness to get people and to increase voter turnout.”

People from other states that collaborate with the Transformative Justice Coalition were in Louisville for the event, along with president and founder Barbara Arnwine and board chair Daryl Jones. During a news conference on Thursday, she said emphasizing the importance of people’s voting power was a priority at every stop on the tour.

“I’m so grateful for the Transformative Justice Coalition and the Freedom Riders coming to Kentucky for this tour because there’s so many issues at stake here in Kentucky, like voting rights, public education, health care, things like that,” said Quincy Robinson, a student at the University of Louisville. “And voting is our most direct influence on those issues.”

The organization will also stop in Cincinnati, according to their webpage, and their last stop being at the University of Louisville on Election Day.