January 2023

IN THE NEWS: It’s time to irrigate the fallow ground of minority media ownership

Originally published: https://www.phillytrib.com/ Written by Barbara Arnwine I’ve fought for civil rights my entire career. In fact, in honor of my late mother, Vera Pearl Arnwine, I will tell you that my actual birth was amidst a fight for justice and equality to..

TELE-TOWN HALL MEETING – January 6, 2023

January 6, 2023 – Transformative Justice Coalition, Public Citizen, DFAD, Rainbow PUSH Coalition & Not Above the Law Coalition Partners Present: “Our Freedoms, Our Vote!” A Tele-town Hall Meeting Commemorating the 2nd Anniversary of the Attack on the U.S…


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IN THE NEWS: We need more growth in minority media ownership

IN THE NEWS: Springfield College honors outstanding community members


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