The chants filled the air at the Glynn County Superior Court in Brunswick, Georgia, where the Transformative Justice Coalition sponsored and led hundreds of activists from across America to lift up the community of Brunswick, Georgia; a community that felt forgotten; a community that felt politically powerless and overwhelmed by a corrupt State Prosecutor; a community that believed justice for Ahmaud Arbery was unattainable; a community that simply felt overwhelmed by the political and legal system.

The tragic death of the 25 year Black jogger, Ahmaud Arbery, by three white vigilantes as he ran through their neighborhood was an Emmett Till moment that awakened a depressed, suppressed and marginalized community in a small rural Southeast Georgia city.

“Whose streets?…Our Streets!” “Whose courts?….Our Courts!” chanted the Brunswick, GA community as they marched behind the TJC John Lewis Voting Rights Banner as guilty verdicts were announced for Ahmaud’s killers. The Brunswick community was electric with empowerment and felt that their lives mattered in the legal and political system. Indeed, this Brunswick Community found their political voice as a result of the grassroots organizing of the Transformative Justice Coalition and the Ahmaud Arbery family.

Led by the Arbery family, the community, with the support and organization of the Transformative Justice Coalition and our partners, has become socially and politically awakened and engaged! TJC will continue to stay by the Arbery family and the Brunswick community throughout the continuing legal proceedings in 2022.

TJC, in 2021, has proven over and over again that community based organization wins! However, we are facing dire challenges on the voting rights front in 2022 and we need your help!

Dear Voting Justice Supporter:
In 2021, the Transformative Justice Coalition (TJC), with your support, achieved many victories and much progress in our fight for a more just and inclusive democracy. We are reaching out to you seeking your support for the ongoing work of TJC, a Non-Partisan Not For Profit registered 501(c)(3), as we end 2021 and prepare for the critical work of 2022.
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