Louis A. Elisa, II


to the Massachusetts Electoral College

Elector to the Massachusetts Electoral College

An Elector to the Massachusetts Electoral College, the Honorable Louis A. Elisa served as the Executive Secretary of the Seaport Advisory Council, Director of Port Development for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, Office of the Lieutenant Governor, from 2007-2015. Before being tapped by Governor Patrick, Louis served as a Special Assistant and advisor to Boston City Councilor, Charles C. Yancey.
Prior to the City Council, Louis served as a Presidential Appointee, Senior Executive Service (SES) of the federal government, as Region 1 Director for the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He oversaw the federal efforts in response to emergency disaster preparedness. In recognition of his achievements as Director, he was appointed the United States Permanent Representative to the Senior Civil Emergency Planning Committee (SCEPC), North Atlantic Council and Advisor for Civil Emergency Planning (CEP) to the U.S. Ambassador at NATO, Brussels Belgium. As U.S. Representative he served as the expert to the Civil Protection Committee (CPC). Mr. Elisa, coordinated policies and programs between the various civil military and political committees within the Alliance. In addition he was Liaisons and coordinator for Civil Emergency programs and policies for the United States in the eighteen member and the forty-five partner nations making up the Euro-Atlantic Partnership Council (EAPC). Elisa traveled and spoke at Universities and forums throughout Europe and Africa; providing logistical support and training for disasters and emergencies in Turkey, Macedonia, Hungary, Albania and other areas throughout Eastern and Western Europe.
Born in Brooklyn, NY, Louis attended Alexander Hamilton Vocational Technical High School where he studied Architectural Drafting and Design. He attended New York City Community College and the State University of New York College at Old Westbury. Undertaking his thesis study in Zaire, he received a BA in Urban Studies and African Affairs, and gave course offerings in Comparative Cultures and Societies. He was an EPA Fellow at Harvard’s Graduate School of Design where he earned a Master’s Degree in City and Regional Planning. Mr. Elisa worked at Wellesley College, the Southwest Corridor Coalition and other community based groups. Louis obtained a post-graduate certificate in Health Care Administration at Harvard’s School of Public Health along with numerous certifications in the fields of environmental health, and public safety; ICS, nuclear, biological, and chemical (NBC) warfare and weapons of mass destruction (WMD).
A resident of Boston for more than 44 years, he worked in the private and public sector in various administrative and management capacities. A former candidate for State Senator; Mr. Elisa has been active in local, state and national politics for more than 40 years. He served in critical leadership position in eight Democratic National Conventions and managed critical field operations in five National Presidential campaigns, three gubernatorial campaigns, four major Senate races and six mayoral races. He served 17 years in the Executive Office of Environmental Affair; Administrator in the Coastal Zone Management (CZM) program and Special Assistant to the Secretary for Policy; Minority Business Development and Environmental Justice. An active participant and supporter of public education and community empowerment, Mr. Elisa served on numerous boards and committee’s, the Metropolitan Health Planning Council of Greater Boston, Boston Zoological Society, former Chairman Roxbury Defenders Committee Board, President Garrison-Trotter Neighborhood Association and the Greater Roxbury Development Corporation. A founding member, Franklin Park Coalition he helped spear head the restoration of Franklin Park. As a Trustee of Boston State Hospital, he organized support to preserve it for community use and revitalization. He was a founding member of the Environmental Diversity Forum.
During his tenure as President of the Boston Branch NAACP Louis shepherd a number of positive projects aimed at improving the quality of life and education in the City of Boston including the selection of School Superintendent Dr. Lois Harrison-Jones, Louis fought for equity in the hiring and promotion of police and firemen as well as an end to the second mortgage housing scam and fairness in public housing. Promoted the development of a successful ACTSO program within the Branch and energized the veteran’s, senior’s and court clinic programs He worked with the business and private sectors of the city to bring about opportunities for access and meaningful change in areas where there was conflict and established multicultural coalitions to assure effective civil rights enforcement and voter participation.
Louis is a National and Provincial Life member of Kappa Alpha Psi fraternity Inc., Former Poll mark Boston alumni Chapter where he was initiated in 1983; A 33rd Degree Prince Hall Mason with recognition in the York and Scottish Rite: former President of the Men’s Fellowship, Peoples Baptist Church, where he served as a Trustee, sings in the choir, prepares breakfast and heads Church security.
Louis is married has four incredible daughters, Kenyia, Zoralya, Tulani and Rabiah and two wonderful grandchildren, Kyran and Tyran.