Originally reported “The Urban News
By Staff Reports / September 27, 2021
The For The People Act: What’s in the Bill?

Senate Democrats have united behind the “Freedom to Vote” Act, a compromise bill that would expand and protect the right to vote in important ways.

There is language in this bill that seems to deem voter ID as essential to election integrity, election confidence, and election access. That language supports Trump’s Big Lie. It may seem minor to many, but if you look at it carefully, that language needs to be removed from this bill that must expand the right to vote and protect against voter suppression.

Democrats and others have said that what Republicans are doing is the worst attack on democracy since the Civil War. Well, if it’s the worst attack since the Civil War, how do you compromise on the solution?

Any federal legislation to defend democracy should be clear that calls for “election integrity” and concerns about “voter confidence” are symptoms of the chaos that lies about voter fraud have created.

The issue is not who will back down, moderates or progressives? The question is: Do we truly love and care for the 140 million poor and low-wealth people in this country? Do we care about workers who need living wages, the sick who need healthcare, the children who need education?

The question is, how much do we care about promoting the general welfare of all people? How much do we care about the poor who are made poor by policy decisions? How much do we care about those from the mountains of Appalachia and the delta of Mississippi?

If our politics has so separated too many Republicans and Democrats from the hurt and pain and faces of the poor and low-wealth people of this nation, then our trouble is far bigger than Trump’s lies, and we’ve been deceived about what it really means to be a great and decent nation.

Rev. Dr. William J. Barber II is the president and senior lecturer for Repairers of the Breach. Visit www.breachrepairers.org.

On Monday, September 20, 2021 Rev. Dr. Della Owens moderated a forum with Rev. Dr. William Barber, Barbara Arnwine, Dean Charles Anthony II, and T. Anthony Spearman.