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What We Do

Democracy And Voting Rights Project

is dedicated to informed civil engagement and equal voting rights for all regardless of race, gender, disability, youth, ethnicity, ESL, and income. TJC will use the Voting Rights Map of Shame, developed by its President in 2011, to inform the public of threats to our democracy, how to protect their voting rights and steps to take to ensure their ability to cast a ballot and have it counted. Advancing electoral reforms will also be a component of this work. Seeking the restoration of voting rights for ex-felons will also be a part of the voting rights program.

Policing Reform Project

Policing Reform Project through the leadership of its President, TJC will continue to co-convene with the NAACP, the Civil Rights Coalition for Policing Reform. The Coalition seeks to end police misconduct and killings by reducing racial bias, racial profiling, racial targeting, militarization, and other inappropriate policing tactics and increasing police accountability through promoting body-worn cameras, dash cams, community control, and other reforms. This programming will include communications, production of toolkits, Twitter town halls, op-eds, interactions with state and federal officials, sponsoring of fora, and testimony upon request.

African-American Women and Girls Project

African-American Women and Girls Project will focus on intersectional work addressing inequalities and barriers posed by policies, practices, and procedures that present special barriers for women of color based on the combination of their race and sex. Operating an annual African American Women and the Law Conference will be a central part of this programming.

Youth Development Leadership Initiative

Youth Leadership Development Initiative will work with young racial and social justice leaders to develop their professional, organizational development and communications skills. Holding workshops and short-term Institutes will constitute elements of this programming.

The Criminal Justice Project

The Criminal Justice Project will focus on reducing the rate of incarceration for people of color in federal and state prisons by working directly with formerly incarcerated persons to educate the public about preventative strategies and alternatives to incarceration.

Race & Sports Equity Project

Race & Sports Equity Project will be a program designed to address the disparities in the Sports Industry based on Race and/or Gender. Interacting with the various sports leagues and players associations to promote equity programs for people of color and women will be an integral part of this programming. TJC will sponsor panels and programs to educate the public about the structural issues confronting the quest for equity in the Sports.

International Human Rights Initiative

International Human Rights Initiative will focus on advancing the goals of the International Decade for African Descendants. This programming will include testifying before international forums about compliance by the United States with various international accords.

The Igniting Change Radio Show

“Igniting Change with Barbara Arnwine” is a weekly international talk radio program which provides provocative and empowering information and discussion designed to ignite change and inspire action in achieving racial justice, social justice, and equality. Listeners are engaged, challenged and equipped as activists in realizing a more just and equal society.

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